LT4SUSTAIN - Inclusive education on low-tech for a sustainable future

Acronyme du projet LT4SUSTAIN
Résumé : description et détails (qui ? quoi ? quand ? où ?) LT4SUSTAIN is an Erasmus+ funded transnational project, that responds to the increasing awareness of society and youth in particular, regarding environmental and climate challenges as well as a demand for social justice. With the coordinated work among six institutions, ranging from higher education institutions to private companies and associations, LT4SUSTAIN’s objective is to raise awareness of Low-tech across society. Through the development of “hackathons” and other “hands-on” types of events, targeted at students and industry, we aim to improve inclusiveness in the process of appropriation and design of technology. The objective is to provide individuals with the capacity to undertake entrepreneurial adventures in sustainable and useful solutions using a Low-tech paradigm.Low-tech is based on the principles of usefulness, sustainability and accessibility, and looks forwards to implementing simple (as needed) technologies that are accessible and easily repairable, using common and locally available means. Low-tech, therefore, favours inexpensive technological solutions for fundamental and unsatisfied needs while positively contributing to generating a sustainable environment. This concept, which favours human know-how and practicality, is increasingly seen as a solution for today’s and tomorrow’s social, cultural, ecological and economic challenges.
Etat d'avancement du projet En cours
Porteurs du projet (Noms, Institutions) Univesité de Technologie de Troyes: Tatiana Reyes, Santiago Pérez Rodriguez; Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble - ENSE3: Benoit Delinchant, Laurent Jossic, Sarah Manciot; Association Léonard de Vinci: Tahar Cherif; Low-tech Lab Grenoble: Kévin Loeslé, Sacha Hodencq; Technological University of Dublin: John Walsh, Ceri Almrott; Université de Mons: Philippe Fortemps, Sébastien Bette
Personne contact Reyes Tatiana
Type de ressource Projet de recherche
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Autres institutions partenaire (de préférence : nom, acronyme, site)  Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble - ENSE3
Association Léonard de Vinci
Low-tech Lab Grenoble
Technological University of Dublin
Université de Mons
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Autre(s) type de financement(s)  Erasmus + - KA220
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